What We Do

Magwitch are financial specialists who see themselves as providing more than a service to their client base.  We strive to add value to our clients wherever possible and look to provide a full offering of financial skills to our clients.

We have strong relationships with all the major financial services providers and are proud of independence from any particular provider. We are constantly able to shop around and get the most appropriate product for our clients’ benefit and are not limited to using a particular supplier’s product set.

We appreciate that our clients’ have worked hard for their money and we look to provide solutions that offer the least amount of risk in what can be a risky environment. We would never place any of our clients into a product that we would not be happy to be in ourselves. We do detailed due diligence on the financial products available and constantly monitor the operations of the financial services providers.

Magwitch invest large amounts of time into constant monitoring of performance of our clients’ investments.  We follow a long term investment style but believe that short term milestones are important.

We believe that trust is the most important criteria in our industry and that this enhances the service.  We are always available to our existing and potential client base. Magwitch offer services to financial advisors, trusts and businesses.

With Magwitch – Expect Great Things!