Corporate Financial Services

Corporate financial services

The use of brokers for financial products has changed dramatically over the last century. These days companies often have many different brokers each dealing with a specific aspect of your business. These product specialists will have fantastic knowledge of their products but do they have the knowledge of your business?

Magwitch differ in the way that we like to do business. We believe that the client is paramount and detailed knowledge of their business is the best way to be able to structure appropriate solutions for the client. We favour a model where the client has a strong relationship with a broker and it is the broker’s responsibility to ensure the correct financial expertise is introduced to the relationship

We thus take a holistic view on the client’s business and look at what financial products can be introduced to ensure maximum benefit for the client. In addition to the services offered under our employee benefit division we also assist corporate clients on their treasury functions. We have partnered with the correct organisations to establish the best rates on the following:

  • Foreign exchange transactions
  • Money market rates on call accounts and notice deposits
  • Tax efficient investments

In addition, Magwitch is able to assist you with short term and long term business assurance. We are able to analyse the needs of the business and make appropriate recommendations regarding the following:

  • Buy and sell agreements
  • Key man insurance
  • Polices owned by companies