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Trust Administration Services

How do you know that your loved ones are going to be adequately looked after when you are no longer in a position to do so? How can you ensure that your instructions and wishes are followed in the same circumstances?

With the use of a Trust structure you can ensure that your instructions are followed to ensure a sustainable legacy, providing for your loved ones left behind.

Magwitch can assist you in the administration of your Trust, creating a structure whereby the beneficiaries are provided for on the same basis that you would have done.

We specialise in Guardian Trusts where assets have accrued to a minor child. In many circumstances the Guardian appointed to look after the child is not financially able to separate the child’s assets from their own and thus often the assets are not managed in the best interests of the child.

Magwitch provide the following administrative and management services to Trusts:

  • Registration of the trust and compilation of the trust deed,
  • Appointment of independent and professional trustees,
  • Investment of trust assets into appropriate financial products taking into account the individual circumstances of each beneficiary,
  • Regular maintenance payments to the beneficiaries or the guardians of the beneficiaries,
  • Adhoc payments made for other requirements,
  • Maintenance of trust assets,
  • Monthly accounting services and preparation of annual financial statements.